WinKleaner 2.3

WinTools Software, Ltd. (Shareware)

WinKleaner is an application for optimizing the Windows system. It comes with a number of tools that serve to remove unnecessary programs, speed up the computer’s memory, and optimize the registry. There are 11 tools included in this program, including the following:

• Scan Files – this tool is used to clean the hard drive and remove junk files. This include obsolete process files, dead references, and other unnecessary files produced by various computer applications. The removal of these files allows the user to access installed programs faster.
• Clean Uninstaller – this tool safely and properly removes unwanted programs. This features also lets users monitor the changes done to the system and the registry whenever new programs are installed.
• File Shredder – this tool is able to erase document and program files permanently, making them irretrievable even with the use of recovery tools.
• Startup Manager – this tool focuses on startup items, allowing the user to monitor, add or remove, and enable or disable these in order to make the Windows load process faster.
• Invisible Man – this tool lets users save private information and store them for later use. The information will only be saved in WinKleaner’s storage utility and not in Windows.

In addition to these tools, this application also has features for scanning shortcuts and the registry, modifying user preferences, and securing private user information.