WinHex 16.9

X-Ways Software Technology AG (Proprietary)

WinHex is a universal hexadecimal editing software developed by X-Ways Software in 1995. WinHex allows its users to check and edit various file types and file formats. This program may also be used to recover lost and accidentally deleted files from corrupted system drives, flash drives, memory cards and other types of storage media.

WinHex features disk editing of storage and other disk drives. It can edit floppy drives, CD & DVD-ROMs and even Smart Media. WinHex can support file system types like NTFS, FAT, ReiserFS, UDF, and EXT2 and 3. This program also supports RAID configurations and dynamic disks. WinHex can also edit RAM, both virtual and physical RAM. It is also a data interpreter as it can view a variety of data types. WinHex also features templates that may be used for editing data structures as in the case of corrupted partitions and failed boot sectors. This program is also capable of disk cloning, aside from making image files of drives and backups. It also features a programming interface and scripting support. This program can also perform secure deletions of confidential files and hard drive cleaning. WinHex also recognizes clipboard formats including ASCII hex values and convert between binary and hex configurations. It also features instant window shifting as well as large file capacity support for up to more than 4GB files.