Wings of Honour - Battles of the Red Baron 3.0

Dynamix (Shareware)

Wings of Honour - Battles of the Red Baron is an action-packed computer game set in World War 1 in the year 1916. The aerial battles are between the Allied forces and the Axis forces. Both sides have formed their elite squadrons, which are then pitted against each other. Players of this game can choose which side they want to fly with. The interface is user-friendly despite the advancements in special effects and graphics.

Wings of Honour - Battles of the Red Baron provide players with a realistic air combat environment that has vivid details. Players also need to deal with changing weather. Players need to be careful when they try to hit the enemy because there are civilians, which could be hit in the crossfire.

Players get the opportunity to take control of some of the very best fighter planes of the First World War. There are 24 WWI-era aircraft available to players. In the campaign mode, players can enjoy the challenges of bombardments, anti-aircraft defense, air combats, and reconnaissance.

It is possible to engage in multi-player mode as well if there is LAN or Internet connection. In this game, players can pick between arcade mode and flight simulation mode.