Wings 3D 1.4.1 1.4.1

FoFiX Team (Freeware)

Wings 3D is a subdivision modeler inspired by Mirai and Nendo of Izmare. It is a fully-functional, open source programming language that can be used free of charge.   Its primary feature allows the manipulation of textures, vertex, materials, and lights. It offers a wide variety of modeling tools and an auto-UV mapping facility. Standard tools include move, rotate, bevel, scale, bridge, weld, and cut. The more advanced ones are intersect, weep, shear, plane cut, circularize. By using the auto-UV facility, the UV can be best placed through simultaneous projection from multiple planes.  It facilitates the cutting and unfolding of the model’s surface. The output can be later exported for texturing and painting. It is also featured with a virtual mirror for modeling symmetris. Models can be tweaked and sculpted by means of this program.

The interface of Wings 3D is easy to use and context-sensitive. Different menus pop up depending on the option chosen. Hovering over the menu gives the user brief information regarding the description of the command. Aside from common commands, variations are also available on the Info Line. These variations give the user the ability to use extra vectors. Hotkeys can be employed for maximum efficiency.

The program can also export common 3D formats like .obj. The program is mainly written in English, but has been translated in various languages.