wingdb3 Application 3.7

Edward Sackman (Freeware)

Wingdb3 Application is primarily designed to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes using MapSource by Garmin. This utility lends the MapSource program additional features through the internal GDB format. This is a general type of program and it is not specifically meant to function for any specific Garmin GPS receiver type. Wingdb3 Application supports GDB versions 1 to 3.

Users of WinGDB3 can convert a track into a route and adjust the obtained route based on the requirement of the GPS receiver. This results in a route output that will always fit. However, if the route is too big it will be split into smaller, more manageable segments.

This application can prove more useful than using a standard MapSource file when it comes to a number of different GPS applications. MapSource allows direct viewing of all the conversions made by this utility. There is no need to create intermediate files when it comes to sending the results from MapSource to a GPS receiver.

Wingdb3 Application can import tracks from the following: CRS, GPX, KML, FIT, ITN, and many others. This utility supports multiple input files. It can also convert tracks and routes using BaseCamp. This program is also capable of exporting BaseCamp database toMapSource. Wingdb3 Application, which has multiple language support, is the creation of Edward Sackman.