Wing Commander IV Win95 DVD

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Proprietary)

Wing Commander IV, also known as Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, was developed for personal computer systems. This video game is fourth in the series of the Wing Commander combat simulators set in the far future. The setting of the story mainly revolves around the Terran Confederation’s struggle to rebuild its civilization after the end of its war with the alien Kilrathi, and the subsequent threats to the former’s attempts at stabilizing itself in light of a mysterious attack on an unarmed medical spacecraft. This event only serves to heighten tension between the Border Worlds and the Confederation. The main character is then faced with a series of choices integral to the story’s progression and outcome.

The game’s storyline is told through numerous conversations, with the player choosing from a set of responses. These responses significantly affect how non-player characters relate to the player’s character Christopher Blair. These also have an impact on the forthcoming missions presented to the player, and ultimately, the ending of the game itself. The main character gives crew members orders, and also dictates other in-game factors such as the type of ship to fly, the armament it uses, and the crew members to take with him on missions.