Antanda (Freeware)

WinFX is an application primarily used for converting videos into a variety of other formats for ease of access. Supported video formats include AVI, MP4, and WMV. Additionally, it can also convert audio files into a number of other popular audio formats like MP3, WAV, and MOV. To use the program, the file is first loaded into the program’s interface. This is done through the file browser menu. Alternatively, the drag-and-drop method can also be used to load the files via the interface. A number of the file’s properties can be set by the user before the conversion process. For example, the user can adjust the preferred output format and file size. The application proceeds to convert the file after that.

WinFX has a preview function, allowing the user to check the condition of the file even before it is converted. This is ideal when converting video files. In the software’s interface, the main functions are displayed at the topmost portion of the window. This is where the user can add files, remove files, clear the files, and even play them. The application also supports batch processing. In this way, the files are lined up in a queue. When this is done, the files are converted one by one.