WinFlip3d 0.50


WinFlip 3D is an application which allows users to switch windows in a three-dimensional manner.  In a 3D view, users are able to see the objects or visual as if those are placed in front of the user. This software is geared towards improving the aesthetic value of the user experience as it does not make window switching faster or easier. The capability to switch windows on 3D view is automatically included on Microsoft Vista package. This software is targeted towards users of Microsoft XP who also want to enjoy the capability of the 3D windows switcher.

WinFlip 3D is a tool which does not require any installation. It can be saved on a USB disk and unzipped when needed. Normally, users of Microsoft XP can switch windows by using the keyboard keys “ALT + TAB.” All the open and running applications will be displayed on the central part of the screen and the “TAB” key can be used to select the application which users need to work on.  With this tool, users do not need to use the “ALT+TAB” keys. Instead, they will use the “Windows key” + “TAB.” This keyboard combination will display all active and open applications in 3D view. Users can flip applications using the “TAB” key.