WinFlip is a program that enables users to easily switch between running programs and windows in their desktop. This program works by creating a 3D stack of active windows and running programs that can be switched by using a mouse or the keyboard. WinFlip provides users with a faster alternative to switching between windows and programs other than the ALT + Tab keyboard shortcut. This program is small, portable and is readily available for free download on the Internet. WinFlip does not require an installation process and will work immediately after extracting the program components from the archive file.

WinFlip has features that enable users to view a 3 Dimensional stack of their windows and programs. This program assigns a letter code to each active window or running program, which users can access by means of a hotkey (Key + Letter). Users can also use the default ALT + TAB in switching between windows and programs. WinFlip also supports various mouse gestures in switching between programs and windows. One way is to draw a circle on the screen using the mouse cursor. This will enable the program’s 3D flip effect. Users can switch between programs and windows by clicking on the edge of the desktop, or by using the middle mouse wheel to scroll between the stacks. Users can access the program settings by clicking on the program icon on the desktop system tray.