WinEdt 8.1 (64-bit)

WinEdt Team (Shareware)

WinEdt is a Unicode text editor and shell for Windows specially created for LaTeX or TeX documents. It is also useful for editing HTML, NSIS, and any other text file types. Users can configure it to function in the user interface layer for various TeX systems, such as TeX Live, fpTeX, and MiKTeX. Users can likewise customize its highlighting operations for different types of modes. It has spell checking features that works with multi-lingual systems. Users can download its word lists or dictionaries for many languages from the community site of the software. It also supports both PDF (Portable File Format) and DVI (DeVice Independent file format) workflow.

In the computing industry, Unicode is a standard for encoding, handling, and representation of text in writing systems. Shells provide the user interface needed to access the kernel (a managing computer program for input and output requests from applications) services of an operating system. TeX is a typesetting system. As a mark-up language and preparation system for documents, LaTex uses the TeX typographical system to format its output.

WinEdt has a code folding capability. Code folding lets users to selectively display or hide sections of a file that is currently undergoing editing. This gives users more room to manage volumes of text while viewing only those portions of the text that they find relevant at any point in time. Programmers use this feature for managing source code files.