WinDS PRO 2013

WinDS PRO Central (Freeware)

Winds Pro is an application that is used as an emulator for game consoles.  An emulator is an application that imitates the function of a specific device, such as mobile phones, computers, video games or even arcade machines.  Video games are common subjects for emulation.  Modern computers can do various processes at very fast rate to execute emulation processes.  WinDS Pro enables users to play games from game consoles like Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance to computers that support GBA, ideas and VBA Link. The user does not need to use game console to play games.  The application supports shortcut keys for Gfx , Configuration, Fullscreen, and Remove Noise for instant control.  

The software is a freeware application that can be downloaded from different online sources.  This feature exempts users to pay the software license, to sign up online applications and extensions for trial versions. In terms of compatibility, the software is compatible with older version of Windows excluding Windows Vista.   The system requirements do not necessarily need high system specification. The interface has modern and user-friendly design.  Wind Pro has an online community that enables users to post blogs and share ideas about games and updates. Several topics are covered by the community.