WinDriver Ghost 3.02

Zhang Dou Corporation International (Shareware)

WinDriver Ghost is a backup tool that enables users to create system drive backups. It is a program developed by Zhang Dou Corporation and released on June 2012. This program enables users to create backups of Windows drivers. This enables users to restore their computer to a previous status using the created backups. This program also enables users to update the drivers of their hardware and devices. This program features automatic driver downloading. It automatically saves all the necessary drivers into a folder in the system instead of requiring the user to download each driver update one by one.

WinDriver Ghost also features an automatic driver extraction and automatic driver re-creation support. This is useful when the user loses the driver files for specific hardware and devices. This program enables users to extract the driver file used to update the hardware or recreate the same. This program also features a standalone EXE installer creation function, which enables users to create an EXE file from the extracted or recreated driver file. This program also features a Driver Removal function. This is particularly useful when a recent update causes the hardware to malfunction. Users may restore the previous hardware setting by removing the most recent driver update applied.  This program also features a New Hardware Installation Wizard, which assists users in installing new hardware or device to the system.