WindowSpace 2.5.8

NTWind Software (Shareware)

WindowSpace is a desktop program that allows users to organize their desktop when using large monitors or an extra monitor when working on the computer. This application is useful for those who multi-task and those who make use of several programs all at the same time. With this software, users have complete control over the appearance of the desktop and the placement of programs on the screen.

Key features of this program are as follows:

• Snap Windows – The program allows users to snap windows to the edge of the screen so that they don’t overlap with other windows that are open.
• Always on Top – Important applications can be set to always remain on top of other windows.
• Hide or Minimize – Windows can be minimized to the system tray or hidden from view when currently not in use.

The program comes with several Settings that allow users to have complete control over the program’s behavior. From the Settings window, users can set hotkeys, set the program to launch during computer startup, and configure the snapping feature of the application. The program is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. Users can also visit the application’s official website to read more about the different features the program has to offer.