Windows XP Update Remover

Tech-Pro Limited (Freeware)

Windows XP Update Remover is a light application mainly used in removing Windows updates from computers using the aforementioned operating system. It is useful when certain OS updates cause registry problems or performance issues that prevent the device from operating smoothly. Windows XP Update Remover has a fast and simple installation procedure that can run in the background without interfering other programs and applications from running. It has a basic and uncomplicated layout, where all of the OS updates are presented in an easy-to-navigate list.

Windows XP Update Remover sorts updates by name and date of installation, along with their version types. Each update version is also classified into whether it can be uninstalled from the drive or not. Microsoft links for additional information are also shown in the list. It installs security fixes and other updates to the system by creating folders containing all necessary update files that have replaced previous ones or changed system settings. Users can either choose to uninstall an entire folder update or simply select a specific file update and click on the function that removes backup folders. If an update is not uninstalled, its backup folder along with its contents can simply be removed from the drive to save disk space.