Windows VNC Viewer

RealVNC Ltd. (Freeware)

Windows VNC Viewer is a remote access viewer developed by REALVNC. This program enables users to access Virtual Network Computing (VNC) servers. It is integrated with the VNC Open installation program. However, it is also a standalone program that need not be installed with the VNC Open application.

Windows VNC Viewer is may be launched through the command line utility or through the Start Menu. Upon launching, the program will show the VNC Viewer Connection Details dialog box. This box enables users to name the particular VNC server or the IP address. The user may also customize the Encryption settings for the connection. There are four buttons at the bottom of the dialog box that corresponds to About, Options, OK, and Cancel. In the VNC server input box, a non-zero display number may be specified by adding a colon after the server name followed by the non-zero display number. Users may also add a non-standard port number after putting two colons after the VNC server name. The OK button is clicked after setting the VNC server or IP address to initiate the connection process.  After a successful connection attempt, the VNC server specified will be added under the dropdown menu corresponding to Connection Details.

Windows VNC Viewer features .VNC file format support. .VNC files  contain connection options settings that are saved through the VNC Viewer. Users can load .VNC files through the command line utility.