Windows System Control Center

KirySoft (Freeware)

Windows System Control Center or WSCC is a freeware utility with multiple features and capabilities. There are about 250 built-in programs contained and information technology technicians can decide which one to allow users access. This feature allows users to focus on what is important to them. The unwanted items will not be displayed at all.

Windows System Control Center is a collection of numerous tools under the control of one button. The program contains more than one hundred Sysinternals tools and NirSoft utilities. Windows System Control Center has an easy-to-use interface that clearly presents the Disk tool set and Sysinternals File.

This utility also presents the user with checkboxes so that they can add or remove elements based on relevance. A list of all the available utilities is presented in alphabetical order when the folder icon on the left-hand pane of the interface is clicked. The WSCC also has a search box located on top of the display window, which may be used to find Windows downloads by name or by function.

Windows System Control Center is a utility created by KirySoft. It is fitted with automatic checks for free downloads and updates. Since there are more than 250 elements, this automated feature is an important one and this occurs quickly especially when there is a high-speed Internet connection.