Windows Style Builder


Windows Style Builder is advertisement utility software that allows users to create and modify their own unique visual style. It provides a simple way for skin designers in navigating to dozens of bitmaps and hundreds of settings that make a visual style. This application is a companion application to Google SketchUp, which users can use, and share.

This application allows a number of options to change its visual style. Blue, olive green, and metallic are mundane options as it now permits users to create their own additional high-quality styles, which perfectly suits their personality. Windows Style Builder values time thus come with many useful time saving features:

• It uses the original Web Luna visual style to create predesigned templates
• Changes the colors of any part, group, or the entire style at once through Advanced Colorization
• Allows users to play button, check boxes, radio buttons, and other parts via the Part Window
• Transports visual styles to websites or exchange between friends through Zip feature
• Allows user to hand edit INI file for advanced adjustments with Link feature

At the same time, the program allows users to choose their preferred bitmap editor when opening bitmap images. These bitmap files can then be converted into other commonly used file formats such as PNG and JPEG. Once the application loads, navigating it with icons and thumbnails is possible by using the left Outlook bar.