Windows Sidebar Styler


Windows Sidebar Styler is an application that allows users to customize their Windows sidebar. The Windows sidebar is comprised of generic applications, which are situated on the side of the desktop. With the styler, users can make the sidebar aesthetically compatible with the other user interface elements and can save their creations for other Window users to use them. It allows for resizing, as well as modifications in terms of color. The software is also compatible with other legacy operating systems.

The small applications managed by Windows sidebar have been fully integrated with Windows Presentation Foundation and Communications Foundation. Windows Presentation Foundation is a powerful framework used for visual presentation and animation, which means more gadgets to be included on the sidebar. The Communications Foundation, on the other hand, is used for applications that require frequent updates. Headlines or currency exchanges for instance, need to be updated on a daily basis to provide useful information. The application provides a preview mode so the user will be able to check if the changes made will actually look as expected. The last version is also automatically backed up so that it can be restored if ever the style that was chosen does not work.