Windows Quick Fix 16 Bit MSDOS System

Bidgood Svcs (Freeware)

Windows Quick Fix 16 Bit MS-DOS System is a recovery tool built to retrieve and restore important system files that may have been accidentally deleted or broken. Examples of these files include “autoexec.nt,” “,” and “,” which act as system requirements for efficient performance of an application. Thus, once the tool detects a certain application that is not properly running due to the absence of a system file, it will run an auto-recovery operation to retrieve the lost or corrupted file.

Windows Quick Fix 16 Bit MS-DOS System requires a Windows XP OS CD to be inserted into the drive so that it can initialize the recovery process. A setup wizard will then prompt users on the step-by-step procedure of the file system recovery. After the wizard has identified the lost files, it will notify users to click on the "Next" button on its window for the MS-DOS Subsystem repair to begin. Through Windows Quick Fix 16 Bit MS-DOS System's technology, it rapidly accomplishes the operation no matter what size of data is required for the file to be retrieved. Finally, the tool may be used on a regular basis for better recovery and optimization of the programs and applications installed in the hard drive.