Windows Product Key Viewer

RJL Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Windows Product Key Viewer is a system utility developed by RJL Software. The program enables users to check the product key of their Windows product or program. It is highly useful when users need to reinstall a particular product without the product key due to loss or damage to the material the same is printed on. With this program, users can check the product key and print or save the same as a TXT file for future reference. Users may also opt to just copy and paste the product key from the program to the installation input box. The program works with all Windows Operating Systems from Windows 95 onwards to Windows 8, be it the 32-bit or the 64-bit versions.

Windows Product Key Viewer displays other pertinent information regarding the program aside from the product key. This information includes the product ID, Installation time and date, the organization, and the registered user. The program also displays the current Windows uptime.

Windows Product Key Viewer user interface follows the classic Windows theme. The menu bar features buttons for Save, Print, Browse, Copy, and Help. The program lists the following information in this order: Windows Version, Service pack, Product ID, Install Date/Time, Registered User, Registered Org, Windows Uptime, Windows Product Key, Build Number, and Machine GUID. The status bar shows the current day, date, and time. The lower right portion provides a link to donate to the developer as support for the free program.