windows password Recovery Tool

PasswordSeeker (Shareware)

Windows Password Recovery Tool is a intuitive, user-friendly program designed to reset the password of a Windows domain or local account. No matter how complicated the password, the program can figure it out in three minutes record time. The program offers users a comprehensive means of recovering lost or forgotten passwords conveniently. The user is immediately granted access if the password to the system is not available or if the account is locked.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is also designed to change the password of any Windows local admin, domain, or user account. The tool is also capable of creating via DVD, CD, or flash drive new administrator accounts. One of the main advantages of using this tool is that there is no need to reinstall if the system password is forgotten. It completes the job quickly so that computer users can return to work immediately. Another advantage offered to the user is the step by step guide provided in the creation of a boot key. An advanced function is available to those who want to specify the version of the Windows OS currently being used.

Windows Password Recovery Tool by PasswordSeeker supports Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, and other versions. It is compatible with many different models of hardware as well.