Windows Doctor 2.7.3 (Shareware)

Windows Doctor is a set of utilities used for protecting, maintaining and optimizing the computer system. The utilities included in this program are categorized into five sections – System Security, System Booster, Privacy Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, and Advanced Tools. The System Booster section analyzes the hardware and software configurations in the system and locates possible errors in the registry. After the scan is complete, it provides a button to optimize the system aspects that the tool detected as not optimized.

The program’s System Security section is a diagnosing tool used for checking the computer’s vulnerabilities. If it finds vulnerabilities, the program can be used to repair these errors. There’s also the Registry Cleaner used for scanning the system’s entire registry for obsolete or invalid data. It can also fix found errors and reduce the size of the registry to improve system performance. This application can also be used to remove temporary files stored after using Internet Explorer or other applications using the Privacy Cleaner. The last section, Advanced Tools, include three more tools that can recover lost data (Data Recovery), scan and remove junk files (Disk Cleaner) and analyze disk space (Disk Analyzer).

All the tools available in this program provides an option to choose which sections or aspects of the computer system is to be analyzed, scanned or diagnosed.