Windows Disk Benchmark

ATTO Technology Inc. (Freeware)

Windows Disk Benchmark is a benchmarking program released on September 2011 by ATTO Technology.  It is a program designed to measure storage performance by determining hard disk speed through a series of performance tests. The program measures overlapped I/O and queue depth. The program also supports a comparison mode with continuous running option. Storage performance tests include testing for a variety of transfer sizes, and read and write test lengths. The program may also be used to test not just storage devices but also storage controllers, RAID controllers, SSD drives, and host bus adapters (HBAs).  

Windows Disk Benchmark main user interface features a classic grey Windows theme. The menu bar displays menu options for File, View, and Help. Function buttons include New, Open, Save, Print, Browse, and Help. The top portion features input boxes for the Drive letter, Transfer size, and Total Length in MB. Users may click to choose whether to apply Direct I/O, I/O Comparison, Overlapped I/O, or neither of any of the choices. Queue depth may be configured using a drop down list. When testing a storage or RAID controller, user can choose from any of the choices provided. The Test Results are displayed at the bottom window through a line graph. Transfer rate is shown in MB per second. Write transfer rate is shown in red while the Read transfer rate is shown in green.