Windows CleanUp! 4.5.2

Steven R. Gould (Freeware)

Windows CleanUp! is a system cleaning utility developed by Steven R. Gould. This application is used for deleting temporary and junk files from the computer system in order to free up disk space and eliminate clutter. It can remove traces from the Internet that are stored in the local hard drive. The application can remove the browser cache, cookies, browser history, favorites, and bookmarks. Removing favorites and bookmarks are optional. The application supports almost all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and others. Aside from this, it can also work on commonly used newsreaders such as Opera newsreader, Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Mail, and more.

Windows CleanUp! can delete Windows files that track computer use. These files include the MRU lists, or the Most Recently Used list, recycle bin, recent documents, unnecessary/invalid registry entries, and more. Users can also remove information and data stored by most Windows applications. The program also supports user-defined file specifications and directories. This allows the application to cleanup temporary and junk files produced by new Windows applications and new versions of browsers. Aside from this, CleanUp! also features secure file deletion. It has a Wipe Clean option, which overwrites the file being deleted multiple times before permanently deleting them. This prevents file recovery software from recovering the files.