Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2.6

The Windows Club (Freeware)

Windows 7 Start Button Changer is a desktop tool for Windows 7 operating system. It is developed by Kishan Bagaria for The Windows Club. This program is specifically designed to change the Start Button of Windows 7. The Windows 7 Start Button looks like an Orb with the Windows logo in it, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Orb. Clicking this button opens the Start Menu programs as well as all the programs with Start Menu shortcuts. The program has two main functions. The first one is changing the start button and the second one is restoring the original start button.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It is a simple dialog box with two main functions accessible from the main dialog box. The interface also shows the currently selected Start Orb. To change the Start Button, simply click on the Select & Change Start Button found in the main interface. Then, choose from the available Start Orb designs. The program is equipped with 10 sample Start Orbs. However, other Start Orbs can also be downloaded online. After choosing a Start Orb, the program automatically backups the original explorer.exe file then replaces it with the newly selected button. Restoring the original Start Orb can be done the same way. Just click on the Restore Original Explorer Backup then the program automatically resets the explorer.exe file.