Windows 7 Manager - Windows Utilities

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Windows Utilities is a small tool for managing and accessing the Windows 7 utilities. It is developed by Yamicsoft and it comes bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. The program provides a library of Windows utilities allowing users to run the available utilities from a single interface.

Here are some of the utilities included in Windows Utilities:

• System Utilities – This category offers all the available system tools in Windows 7 including control panel, computer, system, administrative tools, registry editor, and more. The program allows users to create a desktop shortcut for the available utilities. It can also be set to run as Administrator and can be pinned to the taskbar.
• Device Utilities – The device utilities are all the Windows 7 utilities for the devices installed in the computer including biometric devices, Bluetooth devices, keyboard, printers, memory diagnostics, and more. All the actions available in System Utilities can also be done with this set of tools.
• Security Utilities – This category offers tools for security purposes. The available utilities include Windows defender, user accounts, recovery, BitLocker, Password Reset Wizard, and others.
• Disk Utilities – This set of tools are used for managing the hard drives in the computer. It includes tools for defragmenting, cleaning up, checking, and creating partitions for the disks.
• File Utilities – File utilities are used for managing, running, and editing file systems in Windows 7. Available utilities include File Signature Verification, FAT to NTFS conversion, File compare, and others.

Aside from these utilities, the program also offers network and other miscellaneous utilities. It also offers access to Windows control panel.