Windows 7 Manager - Task Scheduler Manager

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Task Scheduler Manager is a scheduling utility for Windows 7. Developed by Yamicsoft, the program comes with the Windows 7 Manager suite. It can be opened from the Start Menu programs under the Utilities folder.

The program is used for managing all the scheduled tasks. The program’s interface offers a detailed list of all the tasks including subfolders of the tasks. Aside from the task name, it also shows the file path, status, author, next run time, and trigger of the tasks. The program provides several actions for the scheduled tasks. There is an Optimize function, which improves system performance by giving users the ability to select the particular options for disabling certain unnecessary tasks. Some of the options available include disabling Active Directory rights, sending data to Microsoft regarding customer experience, SideShow device, System Restore function, and more.

The program can also be used for creating tasks. The “Create Task” button opens up the My Task utility (also bundled with the Windows 7 Manager). This utility can create tasks based on certain computer actions (i.e. CPU usage, process usage, monitor input, etc…). Enabling or disabling tasks is also possible with the program. It can also be used to start or stop a process using the Run/Stop buttons. Deleting created tasks is possible as well.