Windows 7 Manager - System Information

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

System Information is a small Windows 7 utility program created by Yamicsoft. It is bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. The program cannot be downloaded separately from the suite. However, it can be accessed as a standalone component.

This tool provides a detailed information about the computer system. It includes different information including the operating system, computer system, logical drive, share info, environment, and other important information about the computer system. The program’s interface is clear-cut. It is a single-window interface, which displays a list of all the significant information.

The information provided by the program is divided into three categories – Hardware, Software, and Other. The Hardware section provides details about the hardware installed in the computer including the mainboard, BIOS, CPU, memory, audio/video, network, external device, and more. Aside from the basic hardware information, it also shows specific details for each subcategory. The Software section displays all the installed software in the computer including the computer system, operating system, user account, Microsoft product key, installed codecs, and others. The Other category offers information about the license details, startup-shutdown date, power efficiency, system diagnostic report, and external IP address. Aside from displaying information, the program also offers a function of exporting the gathered information to HTML format.