Windows 7 Manager - Run Shortcut Creator

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Run Shortcut Creator is a small Windows utility developed by Yamicsoft. It is specifically designed for creating, deleting, and editing shortcut entries that are executed on the Run dialog box in the Start Menu. The created shortcut entries can be used for executing files, opening folders, and even launching URLs.

The program’s interface is a single dialog box that contains the list of all the shortcuts. Alongside the shortcut names, this utility also displays the path where the shortcuts are located, the type of file, and their availability. The program can perform three main shortcut functions. These are Add, Run, and Delete. There is also a Refresh button for refreshing the list. Pressing the Add button opens up the “Add My Shortcut” dialog. This enables users to configure the shortcut being created. The dialog box allows users to input the name of the shortcut, and shortcut target. The shortcut target can be to execute the file, open a folder, or open a URL. There are also other options including setting up the parameters and the type of Window mode.

Run Shortcut Creator comes with the Windows 7 Manager suite. It can be accessed via the suite’s interface under the Customization tab. However, this utility may also be run separate from Windows 7 Manager suite via the Start Menu programs.