Windows 7 Manager - Repair Center

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Repair Center is a Windows repair utility developed by Yamicsoft. It comes with the Windows 7 Manager and can be accessed under the Information category. Users may also open the program straight from the Start Menu items or from the Windows 7 Manager folder.

This utility is designed to repair almost all of the common system problems in Windows 7. The program’s interface offers seven types of system repair. The first one is the General Repair, which offers different system repairs ranging from Windows File Protection to rebuilding Windows Media Player corrupted libraries. The program’s General Repair tab is divided into five categories with each category repairing different general Windows problems. Aside from this, Repair Center also offers the Unlock System category. This tab offers repairs to system and network problems including registry editor, task manager, network connections, hosts file, and more. This repair utility is also capable of fixing various file association problems. It can also set associations of files. Users can also use this tool for repairing various context menu problems. There is also a function for repairing icons including fixing the icon thumbnail, changing the system icon cache, and repairing the icon showing incorrectly. Aside from this, Repair Center also offers various Internet Explorer fixes. Users can also troubleshoot different Windows problems from System, Media to Network.