Windows 7 Manager - Registry Cleaner

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Registry Cleaner is a Windows utility developed by Yamicsoft. It is a component of the Windows 7 Manager suite and is used for cleaning the Windows registry. The program can be launched either from the Windows 7 Manager suite or from the Start Menu programs.

Registry Cleaner is capable of searching for any invalid registry entries including invalid file type, invalid launched programs, invalid paths, invalid ShareDLLs, and more. The program works by the entire Windows registry. After the scan, it lists down all the detected searches, which gives users the ability to clean the detected invalid items. Users can also choose from the list, which entries to retain and which entries to remove. There is also a “To Skip List” button, which enables users skip a certain registry item or registry category. The Options function also provides users the ability to add items in the skipped list.

Aside from cleaning registry, Registry Cleaner also has a Backup and Restore function. It is capable of performing three types of backups – New Backup, Incremental Backup, Complete Backup. The Incremental Backup option is for performing multiple backups while the Complete Backup option is for backing up the entire Windows Registry. Users can restore the backup at any point using the “Restore” button.