Windows 7 Manager - Process Manager

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Process Manager is a system utility tool developed and published by Yamicsoft. This utility is bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. It can be opened from the suite’s interface. However, users may also access this tool separate from the suite via the Start Menu programs.

Process Manager is used for managing all the processes running on Windows 7 computers. The program offers a single-window interface. All the functions offered by the program can be accessed directly from the main interface. It consists of a list of all the running processes as well as the available actions. It can be used to set the priority for each processes. There are six types of priority that users can choose from. These are Real Time, High, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal, and Idle. Aside from this, the utility can also be used to kill processes. There are different ways the program can kill processes including killing the checked process, killing and adding to the black list, killing all unknown signer processes, and killing all non-trusted processes.

The program also offers detailed information about the processes. It has a “Details” button that displays the process’ details, process information, process file information, module information, and thread information. It can even show the Process CPU usage for each process.