Windows 7 Manager - Privacy Protector

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Privacy Protector is a security utility that comes with the Windows 7 Manager. Although this program is part of the Windows 7 Manager suite, it can also be run separately from the suite. The application is used for maintaining personal privacy. It works by removing all the computer traces left by the user.

The program’s interface is composed of several areas that contain the user’s trace. These are Typed URLs, IE History, Launched Program, Index.dat, and Recent Document. Each area contains several files that could cause online theft. For instance, the IE History tab contains the history, cookie, temporary cache files, and search engine keywords the user used in Internet Explorer while the Launched Program tab contains a list of all the applications launched in the computer. For each area, the user can select which files to remove. However, there is also an option to remove all the files found in each area. Aside from this, Privacy Protector can also remove traces of Windows history, network history, software history, start menu and taskbar history, and event logs.

Privacy Protector also features a System Settings tab, which provides configuration options for the utility. In this tab, users can disable/enable the recent documents, start menu items, recent search box suggestions, tracking of launched applications, and recently opened files in Windows Media Player.