Windows 7 Manager - Optimization Wizard

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Optimization Wizard is a system information utility bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. The program is specifically designed to optimize the system through a series of optimization steps. It provides all the details of the running processes of the system as well as the threads on the computer. The program can also be used for stopping or starting a process.

The program offers a wizard type interface, which guides users throughout the optimization process. There are 12 steps. Once launched, the program first begins with the running processes. It opens the Process Manager tool, which can be used to manage all the running processes in the system. After this is done, the user is asked to update Windows. The third step is to adjust CRT Monitor’s refresh rate. The fourth step is adjusting the User Account Control. After this is done, the next step is optimizing the system performance. The sixth step is uninstalling unnecessary application. This step redirects users to the Smart Uninstall utility of Windows 7 Manager. The seventh steps redirect users to the Startup Manager, which is used for managing the auto-startup applications.

The remaining processes include:
• Task Scheduler Manager
• Service Manager
• Junk File Cleaner
• Registry Cleaner, and
• Registry Defrag

The program is linked to the My Task utility, which is also bundled with the Windows 7 Manager. There is a “Create Task” button at the bottom of the Optimization Wizard’s interface, which redirects users to the My Task utility.