Windows 7 Manager - My Task

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

My Task is a system utility bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite program. It is developed and published by Yamicsoft. The program is part of the Miscellaneous Utilities of Windows 7 Manager suite. It is designed for creating tasks based on several aspects of the computer.

My Task works by creating a task and selecting the action for that task. Several actions are available including turning the computer off, putting the computer on standby mode, hibernating the computer, logging off the current user, kill process, run file, and many more. Aside from the typical task creation where the user choose the time setting for a particular task, users can also schedule an action based on several aspects on the computer. For instance, the computer can be set to turn off when the computer usage is lower or higher than a certain percentage and for more than a certain time. Other aspects that can be considered when creating a task include the process usage, monitor input, network traffic, USB event, and others.

The program can also be used to open the Task Scheduler utility. There is a button called “View Task Scheduler” at the bottom of the program’s interface for this function. Once you click it, the Task Scheduler automatically launches.