Windows 7 Manager - Junk File Cleaner

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Junk File Cleaner is a Windows 7 cleaning utility developed and distributed by Yamicsoft. It is used for finding and removing junk files on the system. The program provides a single-window interface displaying all the details and options available.

The program works by scanning the drive and displaying all the detected junk files. The interface shows the available hard drives, the volume label, file system, type, free/total space, and percentage of free space. There is also a pie chart showing the distribution of space of the hard drives. Users have the option to scan all the drives in the computer or select one from the drives. After the scan is complete, it shows all the junk files and folder together with the type of file. Users can also check the properties of the junk files as well as the option to go to the folder where the junk file is located. An option to skip a folder when scanning is also available. Aside from this, the program also offers configuration options, which allows users to choose the type of file to be scanned, skipped folders, means of removal, and other options.

As part of the Windows 7 Manager suite, Junk File Cleaner can be opened from Windows 7 Manager’s interface. But, it can also be opened individually from the suite’s main folder or from Windows’ Start Menu programs.