Windows 7 Manager - Internet Explorer Manager

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Internet Explorer Manager, or simply IE Manager, is a network utility bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. It was developed and released by Yamicsoft. The program is used for setting and optimizing the Internet Explorer. All the changes made via this utility automatically take effect once the user uses the Internet Explorer.

The program’s interface provides four main categories for the Internet Explorer. These are the Properties, Plugin Manager, Plugin Blocker, and Favorites Checker. The Properties category provides different configuration options for the Internet Explorer. It is categorized into three tabs – IE Personality, IE Appearance, and IE Security. Each tab provides various options for configuring the different aspects of Internet Explorer. The Plugin Manager is used for managing the plugins installed in IE. It provides different tabs for each plugin. This function enables users to enable or disable a certain plugin. The Plugin Blocker category provides a list of all the plugins installed in IE. It gives users the ability to block or unblock a certain plugin. The Favorites Checker category is used for managing the Favorites list in IE. It provides a list of all the Favorites in IE and offers an option to configure them.

As a component of the Windows 7 Manager suite, it can be opened via suite’s interface. However, users may also launch the program separately from the suite thru the Start Menu programs.