Windows 7 Manager - Free Memory

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Free Memory is a Windows 7 system utility developed and published by Yamicsoft. It is bundled with the Windows 7 Manager. The program is specifically developed for freeing up some physical memory of the computer. It works by monitoring the CPU usage as well as the physical memory of the computer in real time. This gives users the ability to monitor computer usage at all times and delete unnecessary files to prevent computer crash.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It is a simple dialog box that displays all the necessary information as well as functions offered by Free Memory. Two details are provided. These are the computer’s Free Physical Memory and the CPU usage. It displays these details in percentage as well as a line graph. Below these details are details about the total physical memory and the available physical memory space. To use the program, the user only has to click the “Free” button beside the Exit and Background button. The program can also work in the background, sitting at the system tray. This function can be activated via the “Background” button.

Free Memory also offers several configuration options. The Options dialog box displays all the available configurations for the program including emptying the clipboard, stopping the program in order to free the memory whenever the CPU is busy, starting the program at startup, and more.