Windows 7 Manager - File Security

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

File Security is a utility developed by Yamicsoft for encrypting, decrypting, and shredding files in a computer. The utility is bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. As such, it can be launched from the suite’s interface under the Security category. However, the program can also be opened separately via the suite’s folder or through the Start Menu.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It includes three tabs, one for each function – Encrypt, Decrypt, and Shred File. For each tab, there are four similar options. These are Add Files, Add Folders, Remove Selected, and Remove All. Below these four options are the primary function for the tab, which is encrypt, decrypt, and shred. It works by simply adding the files the user needs to encrypt, decrypt, or shred then just hit the corresponding button for the desired action. For encrypting and decrypting functions, a password will be asked. Users can no longer decrypt the encrypted files/folders without the password. As for the file-shredding task, all the shredded files will no longer be recovered once the action is completed.

Aside from these main functions, File Security is also used to camouflage folders. This is particularly used for hiding the contents of the folder from Windows Explorer. Changing the location of the system folders is also possible with this utility.