Windows 7 Manager - Disk Analyzer

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Disk Analyzer is a small utility that comes with the Windows 7 Manager program. It is found under the Cleaner category of Windows 7 Manager suite. The program is used for determining which file/folder takes too much space on a hard drive. Users have two options when opening this tool. It can be launched directly from the Windows 7 Manager interface (under the Cleaner category) or by launching it from the Windows 7 Manager folder.

The program can analyze any drive in the computer. It can also analyze any folder from the system. The program works by selecting the drive or folder to be analyzed. After doing so, just simply click the Analyze button. The program automatically scans the selected drive/folder. After the scan, it shows a pie chart displaying the amount of space each file or folder takes on the selected folder or drive. On the left of a pie chart is a list of all the files and folders and the specific amount of space they consume.  

Disk Analyzer also offers tools for sorting the analyzed data. Users can sort the list alphabetically or by amount. Changing the amount to Bytes, Kilo Bytes, Mega Bytes, or Giga Bytes is possible as well. There is also a button to delete the saved data.