Windows 7 Manager - Context Menu Manager

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Context Menu Manager is a system utility bundled with the Windows 7 Manager suite. This utility is particularly designed to help users set the right-click context menus of a mouse. There are two ways to launch the program. The first one is by launching it from the Windows 7 Manager interface. The second one is by opening it through the Windows 7 Manager folder.

The program’s interface is composed of a set of context menus that are categorized based on where they are located (e.g. File, Directory, Folder, Directory Background, and more). For instance, the context menus available when right-clicking a certain file may include Taskband Pin, Start Menu Pin, Encryption Context Menu, Shell Extensions for Sharing, and more. The available context menus vary per category. It also depends on the applications installed in a computer. That is, it may include a context menu for the security program installed in the computer. However, the security program depends on what software is installed.

This utility gives users the ability to disable or enable the context menus found per category. This can be done by simply checking or removing the check on the checkboxes next to the context menus. There is also an option to verify the signature of the context menus. Other available functions include checking the file property, deleting the context menus, adding a file type, and adding a menu.