Windows 7 Manager - 1-Click Cleaner 2.8

Yamicsoft (Bundled)

Windows 7 Manager is a system utilities suite developed by Yamicsoft. It provides several unique tools for different Windows 7 functions. One of the tools included in this suite is the 1-Click Cleaner. The Windows 7 Manager – 1-Click Cleaner is designed to clean the Windows 7 system via a single button.

This utility can be accessed either through the Windows 7 Manager program or separately. When accessed from the Windows 7 Manager interface, it is found under the Information category. The utility’s interface is straightforward. Once it is launched, it displays a 15-second countdown of when the cleaner starts. After the countdown ends, it automatically cleans the system. However, users may also pause the cleaning task to configure the utility.

Underneath the countdown timer are set of checkboxes that users can enable or disable. The checkboxes are set of configuration options available for this utility. These include clearing the privacy history and defragging the registry after it completes the cleaning task. The user may also configure the utility to shutdown the computer after it finishes cleaning it as well as disable the balloon tip. Aside from this, 1-Click cleaner also offers a Create Task button, which is used for setting up a scheduled system clean task.