Windows 7 in a Box

Big Daddy Design (Freeware)

Windows 7 in a box is a utility application that enables users to manage their Windows 7 settings. This application is lightweight, portable, and does not require installation. Windows 7 in a box enables users to access their important Windows 7 settings in one location, eliminating the need to go to different menus and locations in Windows explorer to configure their desktop and operating system functions. With Windows 7 in a box, users may access configuration options for their desktop themes, wallpapers, screensaver, display text settings, icon settings, taskbar settings, and other display options. This application also provides immediate access to Windows parental controls where users may set account passwords, restrict, or allow access to programs and other utilities, set access schedules, power management, and other master settings. In addition to these, Windows 7 in a box provides utility management menus where users may configure folders, browser settings, Internet settings, virus scanners, and configurations for devices like printers, scanners, monitors, routers, etc. Windows 7 in a box can be accessed from the user’s desktop or from a USB flash drive.

Windows 7 in a box features a simple user interface that appears a simple window with five drop down menus. These menus list the different functions and features provided by the application. The menus include Functions, Folders, Internet Settings, Programs, and Tools.