Window Washer

Webroot Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Window Washer is a program used to protect user privacy by permanently deleting the user’s entire online trace. It can permanently delete files that display computer use, web browsing history and other related files that can reveal user activities. The application is also used to improve the computer’s performance by deleting all the unnecessary files stored in the disk space. These include temporary files and recycle bin files.

The program’s Home window provides all the basic actions to “Wash” the computer. It has the Wash My Computer Now button, which is used for deleting computer and online traces. There is also the Bleach setting where users can add bleach to the wash action for further security. Editing bleach settings is also possible. The main window also offers Wash Statistics with options to store or reset it.

Window Washer also has other windows for its various functions. It has the Wash window used for washing and viewing the details as they occur. There is also the Wash Setup window. This window is used for customizing the item types to be removed or deleted. The Options window opens the Options panel where users can set bleach options, create a schedule and set program options. The program also has the Free Space and System Eraser windows. Free Space window is used for removing data from non-secure deletions while System Eraser is used for permanently erasing data from the entire system.