winDecrypt Application

Planetbeing (Freeware)

WinDecrypt is a security software for Windows. It is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is a front-end for xPwn’s xpwntool. A GUI is a kind of user interface that enables users to interact with electronic devices. XPwn is a cross-platform, command line implementation of Pwnage Tool. The latter is an IOS jailbreak tool for Mac OS. A Jailbreak tool is used for access to all parts of the iPhone and other Apple devices.

The tool is simple to use. The user can just add the .img3 (file format for IOS) containers that need decrypting. Then, he can choose the output path of the decrypted .img3s. After pressing “Decrypt,” he can enter the Keys or IVs for the IMG3s. Such keys are built-in mechanisms found in the GID and UID keys contained in the AES co-processor that are, in turn, part of the SOC (system on a chip). WinDecrypt makes it possible to decrypt several .img3 files at the same time. It also calculates the checksum of the MD5 and the actual byte size. The MD5 is a commonly-used function that generates a hash value of 16 bytes. This is usually used in various security applications as well as for checking data integrity.

Decrypting files in Windows becomes necessary when files are moved to another PC. This is also applicable when copying encrypted data back on a newly reformatted computer.