Chimera Entertainment (Proprietary)

Windchaser is a real-time strategy game in 3D with an element of fantasy. In this game, players take on the role of Ioan, a leader of a guild in a world called Ensai. Ensai used to be a highly developed world until a war devastated it. The survivors built a new, guild-based society and rediscovered artifacts that became known to be magical devices full of power.

Players are tasked to command one of their guild’s large air-sailing ships called the Windchaser, which serves as the guild’s mobile headquarters. Players have to recruit new companions to do battle with rival guilds. As the crew members gain experience in battle, they will level up according to their character classes. Along the way, players will encounter artifacts that may be stored for later use. The sailing ship can be upgraded to make it ready for battle; the fighting units can be upgraded as well to give them an edge during combat.

The game’s campaign contains two parts with 15 missions each. There are three different fighting styles that can be used in grouped combat to enable players to develop their battle strategy. Players can control up to four battle teams, with each having a maximum of five combat units. Each combat unit can be trained in a particular skill.