WinCDEmu 3.6 (Open Source)

WinCDEmu is an open-source optical disc emulator program designed for Windows Operating Systems. This program enables users to create a disc image of optical discs such as CD, DVD, or Blu-ray and then mount them into a virtual drive. This allows the user to access the content of an optical disc without the need to place their CD, DVD, or BD in the physical hard drive. WinCDEmu also protects the user’s original optical disc from dents and scratches gained from regular insertion and ejection of the optical disc. WinCDEmu can create any number of virtual drives and supports various disc image formats such as ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS, MDF, CCD, RAW, and IMG.

WinCDEmu allows users to create disc images from the context menu of their Windows Explorer and quick virtual drive mounting by double-clicking the ISO file. This program can mount an unlimited number of disc images into separate drives simultaneously, eliminating the need to unmount a disc image in order to access another one. WinCDEmu also enables users to prepare their optical discs for burning by creating disc image backups that can be saved into the user’s hard disk drive. In addition, WinCDEmu provides an option that enables users to keep their disc images mounted after the computer is shut down and restarted.