WinCAM 2000 Player

Mirion Systems Co.,Ltd. (Shareware)

WinCAM 2000 Player is a screen recording and editing program. It records all of the computer activities, such as the movements of the mouse, inputs to the keyboard, the processes on opened applications and all the executions done by any program on the computer. The program’s object-editing tools allow the user to create and insert caption boxes, graphics, other images, narration, background music and sound effects in many different layers. The editing tools use the many frame-by-frame editing methods to produce a clean professional-looking clip.

WinCAM 2000 Player has an AVI codec in the WinCAM video codec (a smaller AVI file size than any other codec). The program also has a set of full interactive features, including the slide-mode recording and SWF conversion. The WinDraw allows the user to draw on the screen while the recording is in progress in real time.

The program can convert the movies into several popular files, depending which file is compatible and is supported by the user’s system – EXE, WCM, AVI, ASF, MOV, RM and SWF. In higher versions, the application allows the user to interact and participate with formats. The program is designed to run on Windows 98, ME, NT, Windows 2000, XP and later versions.