S.T.S (Freeware)

WinCAD is a free computer program for professional use. This is a popular 2D/3D CAD program, which contains some of the most comprehensive databases of symbols and drawing for project creation. This utility is from STS. WinCAD offers users a graphic development environment that they can maximize in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

The main advantage of using this program is the library of more than 200 symbols for the creation of electric installments and architectural drawings. With this utility at hand users do not need to employ other programs. WinCAD is also designed for easy implementation. Various control strategies can be launched without complex procedures further complicating the process. In addition, users can make their own algorithms for specific modules so that the following projects follow a certain logic and be completed at a faster rate.

WinCAD provides users with numerous tools such as mathematical operations, management of outputs and inputs, timers, and logical operations. This advanced tool may also be used for more complex functions such as time band management, electronic valve driver management, humidifier management, and compressor rotation. New users of this program only need to follow a detailed set of instructions in order to launch and implement WinCAD successfully. With subsequent use, every project can be completed with greater efficiency.