UnlockForUs (Freeware)

WinBubble is a program used for making changes to the operating system according to the user’s preferences. The application’s interface may be a bit daunting for novice users because of the plenty of settings available, but it is easy to use. Settings for the different areas of the operating system are divided into different tabs. Some of them include General, Icons, Tools, Optimize, Security, and many more. Some of the things that can be changed include the welcome screen, icons for the programs and locations that appear on the desktop, appearance of text, and many others.

Under each tab, users can change various settings just by adding or removing check marks on check boxes or selecting some of the options that are already built-in to the application. The program features a lot of options and settings, so it may take time for the user to explore them all. Users just need to click on the “Apply” button at the bottom right part of the window to make all the changes. One of the main features of the program is the creation of a restore point every time it launches on the computer. This allows users to restore the system back to its working state in case anything goes wrong when changes are made to the system.